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Always wanted to make a model of a rooster but never found a good referance.. until lately...
My lastest project that i've posted last week was based on concept art by "cloudzanmato" Carl Harrison. He was so nice about it and even allowed me use his artwork, AGAIN! So... i searched and put an eye on one of his other longtime wish, this AMAZING bird - the Rooster 😍

ABOUT THE MODEL - i knew that the most important thing about this guy is his eyes and feathers so i decided to create my own stylized feather brush to sculpt him out! i didnt want to make an alpha with cards because there was something really clean in those large charachterized feathers. after i've finished the sculpt i mooved on to texturing and finished with rigging. the eye rig is pretty simple - basicly there is a deformer that lets u squeeze the eye + the eyelids and the eye sphere is always in aimconstraint to the controller.

Can't belive that i've managed to create 2 full characters with functional rigs + animations in 2 weeks! (in a row!)